MOST Program


SPORCH works hand-in-hand with local volunteers to rescue threatened religious art, church furnishings, books, altar vessels, relics, and other precious vestiges of our sacred heritage. A nationwide network tracks, rescues, and restores threatened religious treasures. SPORCH: purchase this litho copy for your home


SPORCH members lovingly repair damaged, abused, and neglected objects for distribution to churches, missions, religious displays, museums, and even private "foster" homes.


SPORCH links with experienced artisans to teach ancient techniques -- including statue restoration, vestment making and other "lost" church arts -- to a whole new generation.


SPORCH provides poor parishes and destitute priests, at home and abroad, with repaired, restored, and/ or reproduced vestments, altar vessels, linens, and other desperately needed articles.


SPORCH provides information and referrals from our reference library.


SPORCH promotes public awareness of the historical and spiritual value of these unique expressions of our Catholic faith and culture. Through education, grassroots efforts and the media, we work to protect our sacred heritage