About Us

The Society for the Preservation of Roman Catholic Heritage is a spiritually-motivated group of clergy, religious, laity, artisans, and concerned individuals working to preserve the spiritual purpose and enduring beauty of Catholic liturgical art items and other artifices from the Roman Catholic liturgical and cultural heritage of our Nation.

Mission and Purpose

To promote the Roman Catholic Heritage and Traditions through its art and artifacts. To build a bridge between the Catholic traditions of the past and promote continuing them into the church of tomorrow.

The Need

SPORCH Helps by Offering


Formed as a support organization in 1994, we were a “basement operation” (literally), that moved through 3 temporary locations and is now located in our present facility in 2011. We sought and achieved 501(c)3 status in 1998. Over the years, our Board of Directors/Advisory Board has included notables such as an Abbot, ecclesiastical artisan, vestment designer, clergy, CPA, and many community volunteers.


SPORCH: eccleciastic art for home and churchProjects

Art From the Altar Exhibit

This exhibit is a collection of newly illuminated, re-mastered and original antique Tridentine Latin Mass altar cards, including the sub-rites such as the Dominican, Carmelite, and Ambrosian. These cards are used to aid the clergy in the celebration of the Mass.

Our purpose is to educate, appreciate the art, explore the history and provide a basis for continued use into the future. Not only do they have a religious basis, but the general public can appreciate the fine craftsmanship of the sacred works. The history of many regions can be explored through the art in the sub rites.

Latin Mass Audio CD and Practice Missal

M.O.S.T. Program: Meanings, Origins, Symbolism and Traditions