17th Century Altar Cards

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SPORCH 17th Century Alter Cards

Enhanced from the 1700's. Candlewax drips have been removed, however the beauty of wear and irregularities still remain. Just imagine how many times this design has assisted priests in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass over the last 200-300 years!

This beautiful card is available framed and under glass.


Also available (Please contact us for these):

  • A folding style of the 3-piece set, with hand-tooled, embossed, gilded leather case.
  • For shipment outside the US, there is a limited number of unframed, on fine art paper, art (3-panels).

Size for the set of 3 is approx. 15" x 26" (center panel), 13 1/4" x 9 1/2" (each 2 side panels)

You can purchase securely online, but if you prefer to purchase by phone, call us at 937-224-1900

Below are some examples of the large altar card styles we have available. Please inquire about pricing.

SPORCH: new styles of 17th Century Altar Cards